Thursday, January 27, 2011

And Away I Go!!!

Where you ask? I'm off to Prescott to a scrapbooking retreat that I have been priveledged to go to for 5 years now. I love friend and CM consultant Sherri Troxell does such a great job hosting each year that I wouldn't think of missing it.

Here is a picture from one fun year that is snowed the first night we got there....

The first year we went, it was just Jen and I and then Lisa joined us and this year Lori will join in on the fun. Unfortunately, Jen is sick and will have to bow out at the last minute : (
We will miss her lots, but are hoping she if feeling better soon....

More pics upon my return, hopefully of all the creations I complete while I am there!!

Thanks for sticking with me....our Christmas vacation became extended when we lost Bryan's Dad, Bill on Dec. 30th. While we miss him terribly, we feel blessed that we were there to visit with him, care for him and help out his sister who has been a rock throughout his illness. He was in so much pain that we know he is in a better place we just find his absence has been much harder to deal with than we ever thought it would be. We miss you Bill and think about you all the time...

Thanks for stopping by and check back next week for the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop and more artwork. Also, an online "Yard Sale" is in the works, so be on the look out for some awesome deals on my HUGE stash.

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