Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh My....Time got away from me AGAIN!!

I'm so sorry...I don't know if anyone is even reading this, but if you are, I apologize cause I can't seem to keep up. I was going to have Bryan upload pics from our vacation and of course with school starting for the kids and now his students are back, I didn't have the heart to bug him about it. I'm off tomorrow, so I will try like crazy to get something put on here....

My Close to my Heart Open House is this Saturday and of course in my usual style, I decided to make some changes to the studio, so it is a MESS right now, so I have to do that too tomorrow, but I promise I will get those pics on and some new ones by the end of the week....
Wish me luck!

I have gotten some training done for the 3-Day, so that is a good thing...
3 miles on Tuesday last week a couple on Thursday and we hiked for over 2 hours yesterday, probably not too many miles, but definately some training!

Talk to you soon,

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