Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I'm back (again), but not apologizing....I have had the best time ever with the family this year. No real big plans, just quality time spent together and making plans for next year.

Christmas we spent the day being really lazy, but got to talk to both sides of the family and play with new toys, Ian's 3DS and plan a shopping trip, to spend Leah's Christmas money, and sit in the hot tub, and by the fire and play our new favorite family game, Apples to Apples...

We cooked a prime rib on Christmas and a ham today, both were awesome and then I forced everyone to eat black eyed peas to assure us of a "lucky" new year.

Reflecting as we watched fireworks last night, we couldn't help but be a little saddened to realize that we spent last New Years Eve and Day planning to say goodbye to Bryan's dad Bill. In fact we couldn't even remember what we did last New Years Eve. (I don't think we really cared much) Then this year we lost Kathy and Bryan's mom was diagnosed with just was a long tough year. We know with God's grace and his goodness that this year will be better.

I am starting Project Life this year and hope to share here a glimpse of how truly blessed we are and how much we have to be grateful for....

Hope to be back tomorrow with my Project Life Title Page complete with a "snapshot" of our lives right now, this minute...
Also, some goals for 2012, not resolutions....Goals!

Till then, savor every minute and make every one count,
this ride is gonna be fun!!!


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Sharli said...

Hi Terri, sounds like your priorities are in the right place. Time spent with loved ones is time well spent! HUGS! I pray your New Year will be filled with love and joy!