Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hi all, sorry about the long time missing...I opted out for the last two blog hops since I shared my SOTM autoship with Cathy and she got those months : ( I did manage to get them both, but after the due date for the hops...

Anyhoo, I'm back now and hoping to do a little better job in keeping up....(I know you have heard that before!) I am on board for the December hop and a special hop to celebrate our newest campaign...."Rock the Block" coming in mid December. It is an awesome new product the "My Creations Puzzle Block set" and a E size stamp all for only $15. with a $25 dollar purchase of anything from the Fall/Winter Idea Book. It provides a $30 dollar savings just with that, but add a little more to get the SOTM for $5 and you could save even more! It's a great deal and I will be sure to post some sneak peaks of the deal as soon as they start showing up on the consultant web sites...

It is a so fun being a part of this company!!!

Check back soon for more updates and big news about my virtual sale site going LIVE!

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