Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Friends for a Cure"

Well, it's official! Kaye and I have formed a team for the 3-Day....We are now and forever to be known as the "Friends for a Cure." Kaye came up with the name and I think she did an extremely good job! We wanted to celebrate our long time friendship and this name says it all.

If you would be interested in being a "Friend for a Cure" just click on my banner on the right sidebar of this blog and it will take you right to my site! We have set a high goal of $10,000, but are sure we can do it! We live far away from each other, but hope to be able to get together at some point before the walk to take a picture of our "TEAM."

Leah had her "Strings" recital on Thursday afternoon. She decided to try the violin in this 2 month course that provides an introduction to playing an instrument. She enjoyed it and plans on joining the strings group again in the fall. She also has learned some of the notes and transferred this info to the piano! This class also helped her with reading music...

I got a really awesome gift for Mother's Day this year....a handheld GPS! It is really fun and we have been trying to learn to use it since it arrived on Monday. Well, today, we went out searching for our first "treasure" and I'm proud to say we found it just behind our house on the mountain. Very, very fun and we are so looking forward to finding more! This is the "travel bug" we found. These are cool cause they "travel" all around via the people that geocache and move them. You go online when you find one and tell the person that originally placed it where you found it and when. This one has been to New Mexico, Yuma and most recently in the cache behind our house! We plan on getting one going soon!

I also have pulled out my "Why I Walk" book from the 3-Day in 2004. I plan to add to it with all my donors for this year....I was really excited how it turned out and am proud to honor all my donors and breast cancer survivors from 2004 as well as all the names I need to add to it this year. Make sure when you donate you give me the names of those you want me to honor in my book, plus know I will have your name in there for all you do to support me and the fight against breast cancer!

Well that's it for now, thanks for stopping by and we'll talk with you next week!

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