Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Welcome Friends to my Blog!

As you can see from the entry below, I have been working towards getting this blog going for quite some time.....
I'm ready now!

As I begin my journey to another year in the Breast Cancer 3-Day, I wanted to find a way to keep in touch with all my donors and let everyone know how my training is going.

Thanks so much to Rosa Lee Walsh my good friend from St. Gabes who is my first official donor that responded to my online fundraising! Thanks Rosa Lee!

I am planning to get my "snail" mailing sent out early next week as it will officially be "6 months" to the starting line....I can't believe how fast the time has gone since Kaye and I signed up.

I am also planning to get Kaye, my best friend and inspiration to get signed up to blog, so you can see how our team is doing! Kaye is sooooo excited to be walking in her first "3-Day" and I am ready to start getting into the swing of things...I apologize for my late start, but with all the end of the year activities for the kids and myself, I've been a little overwhelmed : )

I also hope to show off some of my paper crafting creations from time to time...I hope you don't mind, but that does comprise most of my "free" time. It is my relaxation method of choice!

That's it for my first night, but tomorrow, I plan to pull out some pictures from the walk in 2004 and share some memories over the next few posts!

Sooooo....I guess I'm committed now as I plan to include this blog address in all my thank you e-mails and letters that I send out, so save this address to your favorites and check back often for updates and till next time...

Walk on,

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