Saturday, June 07, 2008

Busy Saturday!

Hi again, we had a very busy day today....

I went to the dance studio and did my first volunteer stint for recital week, selling tickets. Most everybody must already have theirs as business wasn't too brisk.

We have wanted to get rid of our lone Queen palm in our front yard for a long time and we decided today was the day.....

Here's a pic of Ian by our palm that was only about 6 foot tall when we moved in November of 1995...
We headed out to Moon Valley Nursery and came home with a Chilean Mesquite tree. We wanted some shade and decided with this quick growing tree we would save a lot of money to buy a small tree and then watch it grow the 6-8 feet a year instead of pay $350 to have a bigger tree planted right away.

OK, so we have a new tree...we need to get rid of the palm. Bryan digs around the root ball to loosen it up and then we call Bryan's Uncle Larry to bring over his truck and we proceed to very easily pull out the 15 foot tree.

Here is a pic of the kids by our newly planted Mesquite! We figured if we put them in the picture, we could watch the tree grow along with the kids!

Training for the three day is moving along well. I haven't been real good about getting my walks in early as I'm really enjoying sleeping in for now, but with the cruise coming up, I'm hoping some of our ports will allow Bryan and I time to get out and geocache which should offer some good mileage. I hope to post from my Mom and Dad's after the cruise so you can all see what we got to do on vacation.
Well, I'm tired and am off to bed now,
Walk On,
Walk Strong...

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