Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whew....What a Weekend!

Well, we made it through recital week and everything actually went really well!

Remember I told you I was nervous about Leah getting ready for dress rehearsal by herself? Well this is how her hair and makeup turned out (without my help!) I think she did a great job!
We attended the performance on Thursday night and we only got a few pictures that turned out.
Here is one where amazingly enough, she is right in the middle of the frame and totally in focus! I thought that was kind of cool that it turned out like that...

After the performance, Ian presented his sis with a dozen roses.....I made Bryan capture the moment!
Since we didn't get real good shots at the performance, I took a few at her last perfomance last night. I was the "dressing room mom," so these are candids, but fun none the less and at least you can see her up close!

She made some really good friends this year at dance...
Here she is with two of them!
Ok, as soon as we got home, we headed to bed as we had to have Leah down in Central Phoenix to catch the bus to Girl Scout Camp at Shadow Rim Ranch. She is attending the "Hike and Bike" session with her friend from school Madelyn. She put on a good front, but I think she was a little nervous? I'm sure she will have a great time and not miss us at all, but I must admit it is just not the same without her here tonight : (
Here are some shots from the drop off....

And not to forget what a special day it is, here is a picture of Bryan wearing one of his gifts!
Actually he is wearing two, one (the shirt) that Leah made and gave to him when she was two (he wears it every year on Father's Day) and the second is the paper tie that Ian made for him in school before they got out. I think it makes him look rather sophisticated....don't you?
Hope your weekend was restful!

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