Saturday, June 21, 2008

Only 3 days till we head out on VACATION!

The crunch is on now, only 3 days to get the laundry done, pack and get the kids ready to head to Iowa and us to head out on our cruise....Whew, it seemed like I had so much time and now I'm wondering how it snuck up on me so fast? Oh well, I've done it before, I can do it again...
How about an update from this week?
We didn't hear from Leah till Thursday afternoon, but she did really well on her first time away to Girl Scout camp. She arrived home at 6:15 on Friday evening and all of the Girl Scout troop met her and Madelyn so we could go directly to the Girl Scout/Phoenix Mercury Lock In. Both girls were dirty and tired, but we forged ahead....and we were not disappointed! The event was exciting (the Mercury won in OT) and fun (lots of events planned for the girls) Here are some pics to show you some of the action...

The girls were really excited when they got to see themselves on the "Jumbotron" Leah said it was a night of firsts...her first time going to a pro basketball game and her first time on TV! I think the cameraman zeroed in on them as they were all waving their "Rally flags" and screaming at the top of their lungs!
After the game, the Hip Hop squad performed, they had a Q & A session with one of the players, there was Pizza for everyone, they rotated to some really great sessions including games on the Suns and Mercury practice court, an hour in "The Jungle" a really cool game and climbing arcade and finally sleeping in some of the suites overlooking the court. It was a long night (ended at about 4am) but very fun.
When we got home, Bryan let me catch about 4 hours of sleep and Leah layed down for a quick "nap" and woke up 8 hours later to take a long shower to get the weeks worth of dirt off of her and finally sit down and just relax.
I hope to update you all before we leave for Tulsa on Wednesday....but if not, I plan on updating the blog while on vacation since we upload our pics along the way...Till then,

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